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Gaga Over Korea

          Blame it on the phenomenon known as Meteor Garden. Blame it on its fresh story, gorgeous casts and fabulous scenarios that is very enjoyable if to be compared to our teleseryes. And they're not even Koreans.

          I shamelessly admit that I was the perfect fan. I love those four guys even until now especially Ken Zhu. I was mesmerized with their every episode. My batchmates and I even frequented a nearby pansitan from PLM every afternoon, battled our way to secure a table amidst the crowd of our fellow addicts. I even collected souvenirs from magazines and DVDs of their concerts. I was then an official Chinovela addict.

         Then GMA 7 came up with a brilliant and competitive plan. They bought the first installment of the uber popular Endless Love Series called Autumn in my Heart which starred Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Hun. I was a bit skeptical at first since I am unfamiliar on how Koreans deal with soap operas and I was so hooked with the Taiwanese series to the core. But I gave them a chance and I was glad that I did. Their stories are never formulaic. If they want you to cry buckets of tears, they can make you do that by doing minimal dialogues and symbolism. Prime examples will be the movie Sad Movie and  Endless Love 2-Winter Sonata. If they want you to laugh hard until your sides hurt, the cast and crew will show you similar scenes based on your own experience that you can't help but snicker. One fine example will be 200 Pounds Beauty. If they want to show you the dark side and gore, you will be amazed on how they deliver violence to a level that you have not yet seen. I can state the movie Old Boy ( I know some of you already saw this masterpiece. I showed this to my not so familiar with Korean movies but I adore films friends and they were impressed.) And if you want to fall in love, they will deliver that sweet feeling by fashioning dialogues that will make you wish that its being said to you by that special someone. I will be citing these dramas- Full House, My Girl and Coffee Prince. They are showing normal mundane scenarios with a twist of the unimaginable. The characters are never predictable. The plots are full of twists until the very end.Korean films and dramas are not formulaic as well.
         Although not as much as I love dramas, I also like Korean Pop Acts like SS501 ( member Kim Hyun Joong played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers ), Super Junior and Rain. I also check out cable channels like Arirang to know more about their culture.

         I can't help but compare it with our productions. I am not saying that we are not good in making drama series or movies because I have high respect for such outstanding films like Batch 81, Himala and even One More Chance. What I am implying is that we are lacking these elements that appeal to the masses. We need to convey feelings subtlety and avoid very long confrontations. The audience wants to be relieved from shouting fests and protagonists being shot crying from every angle to emphasize strong emotions.  And I think Filipinos are ready for this. Why else would leading networks buy the rights of such dramas like My Girl and Full House ( which also have our own versions), Queen Seon Deok, Boys Over Flowers and the other Endless Love series among others if they are not bringing the ratings in? 

        Due to these dramas, films and acts, I found myself craving for Kimchi and Korean street foods. I want to go to the infamous theme park showed in Full House and Stairway to Heaven. I want to enjoy snow in the streets of Seoul. I want to visit Korea and take tons of pictures. Don't get me wrong. I am still proud that I am a Filipino and I will never exchange it for anything. I am just so Korean crazy right now that I need to have an entry justifying this. 

        I will be posting some reviews about series and movies I watched in the coming days so that you guys can check them out too. Cheers!



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