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Predictions for the Top 12

        So tonight is Revealing the Top 12 night and I can't control my excitement. I can reiterate what I wrote on my last entry about AI that these contestants just needs that right song choice to display what and who they are. Past seasons favorites like David Archuleta and Adam Lambert proved their worth at earlier stages but I'm just glad that it turned out fine for Season 9 hopefuls. Slowly but surely.

       Personally I am rooting for the boys this season. Partly this is because of the bet that I have with Kred. The winner will be treated to a movie of his/her choice and a coffee/pastry after. It is a big thing for us that is why I am ecstatic because the guys did good last night. I am just disappointed with Andrew Garcia's song choice. :( I share Kara and Simon's sentiments that he is more than that and him trying to win them over with another performance like what he did with Paula Abdul's Strainght Up and its in the verge of desperation. Then again, I am positive that I will win this bet. Casey James didn't dissapoint me as usual. He is truly a great singer. The boys managed to show the judges and the whole world why they're in the competition,contrary to the popular belief (even Simon who is a Crystal fan admitted that Big Mike's performance is the best ever so far for this season) that this will be dominated by the girls. This is not to say that I despised the girls because I like Lily Scott a lot. In my opinion she is better than Crystal. I adore Lacey Brown and her performance last Tuesday was amazing.

Now here's my prediction on who might encounter the end of the road tonight:

Girls- Paige and Katie. Paige's rendition of the Charlie Chaplin original is disastrous and Katie Stevens' Breakaway failed in comparison with the original.

Guys- Alex and I am so sorry to say this but Andrew. Alex improved his vocals but there are more deserving candidates than him and Andrew's Genie in a Bottle is a mistake. He has more to offer than that and I will be sad if its the end for him.

Let's see how accurate my predictions are. Again, kudos to the guys!


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