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Going in Circles

Just looking at the calendar this morning made me realized a lot of things. I've been with Accenture for a year and two months already. This helped a lot in paying what needs to be paid. I will be graduating from ADSS in a week's time. I've made lots of new friends in my recent company that I know will happen eventually but many are holding a special spot in my heart. And of course, I've fallen in love. Yet again. Or just crushing. Whatever.. And still, just like those friends I mentioned, someone is determined to stay longer than the others.

I've had several justifications on why this keeps on happening even after seven months of going in circles:

- If you're in your late twenties and a single one at that, any special gestures like accompanying you home will stick to you. Especially if he is the first person to do it.

-If someone greets you good morning through chat and then stops doing it and then all of a sudden returns, there must be something right?

-If he seems shy whenever you meet him in the hallway, he must have felt something right?

Despite these reasons, I know for a fact that what happened stopped. I may tend to color it magnificently with pleasant hues but I am certain that it is over. What I experienced before might linger longer than him ( if he indeed felt it as well) but it doesen't necessarily mean that he should be in the same state as I am right now.  He might think that I may be the best before but I don't have the power to make him realized that now.

There came a point that I thought I found someone to help me get out of this place but that too didn't turn out the way I hoped it will be.

I am vowing that this is the last time. I know that I am getting there.



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