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American Idol Fever

                To say that I’m an American idol supporter is the understatement of the century. I am not a fan. That word is not strong enough to describe who I am today because of the show. I am a FANATIC. 

               Well I was not really a fan when Kelly Clarkson belted her way to top the competition or when Fantasia Barino awed everyone because of her story and unadulturated talent. I am merely checking the show out because of my batchmates. Na-ah. I am far from being a religious supporter like them. I started waiting with anticipation for every episode when every member of my household ( even my Kuya, who is as nitpicky to television shows as he is with his dates or our dates for that matter), became advocates themselves. This is way back in Season Five. Then Chris Daughtry started singing. By the time he finished his performance, I was totally hooked. I soon found myself rooting for him. His every performance was met with applause from yours truly. I wished to the high heavens for the producers to allow foreigners to vote. He needed  my vote after all because we all know what happened. I was stunned as the judges when Ryan Seacrest announced that he was voted out. I was crushed. 

Here were my bets for the past seasons:

Season 5- Chris Daughtry. Fresh and endearing. Without a doubt, the best rockstar that American Idol had or will ever have. 
Season 6- Jordin Sparks. No questions asked.
Season 7- David Archuleta. I was in love with his talent the instant he sang Imagine. Too bad he didn't win though. I like David Cook as well but Archie won my heart first.
Season 8- Adam Lambert. Let's admit it. He only lost because of moral issues. Why else would he be in the cover of Rolling Stones and have a bestseller debut albm? No offense to Kris. Adam is a gem.

                As for the current season, my early favorites are Jermaine Sellers (minus his very outspoken attitude),Adam Garcia and Casey James. I don't know if its just me but its quiet dissapointing because the contestants are not as good as the previous contenders. I will not say that this is the worst season ever because I am sure that they just need to get that perfect song to get things right. After seeing their last two weeks of performance, I am now rooting for Casey James, Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynch and Lily Scott.

               As for the judges, Ellen is a good choice to replace Paula. She is genuinely nice and she brings comic relief to the environment. Kara and Randy are awesome and true to what they're saying, whereas Simon made his trademark because of his hurtful yet unpatronizing comments. I am just sad because this is his last season. Whoever is replacing him should have big shoes.

Can't wait for this week's shows. :)






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