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Top 12

           I was in utter disbelief when the Top 12 was announced last Friday night ( our time ) that I was not able to post this entry earlier. I mean, what the F right? No wonder there were so many hate comments in the web regarding the shocking elimination. I felt like I was more shocked than my favorite Lily Scott when she was eliminated. Come on. Katie Stevens can sing but I have a good feeling that she got sympathy votes because of her heartbreaking audition story. I bet even the judges shared the same sentiments. I will be sticking to my prediction that Katie and Paige should have seen the End of the Road sign. Even Katelyn Epperly, though not one of my favorites, has more potential than them. I felt like I was nursing a broken heart after.

         For the guys, Alex really was the one to go home although I kind of felt sorry for him when he was in the verge of breaking down. He got to admit that there are so many guys there who deserved the post other than him. Tondrick Hall's elimination might have been prevented if only he did his Week 3 performance earlier. I was so amazed when he did his last presentation and the judges are equally mesmerized too. Randy's comment might as well be translated to I-am-sorry-to-see-you-go-dawg. That being the case, Andrew Garcia must choose the right song in the Rolling Stones week.

       I am hoping that they will be having the Wild Card round this season. Lily deserves to be back in the competition. I am expecting a good show next week. The Top 12 needs to justify why they're still in the running to be the next  American Idol. If not, now that we are dissapointed, we just might be sticking to the show just because we are fanatics, not because of their talents.


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