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Who Will Be The First?



        I want to congratulate the top 12 finalists after watching last night's performance. I had a nagging feeling before that I won't be satisfied with them overall since they put Lily off the list but I was wrong. Although not all of them are my favorites, I would give them a decent 8 over 10. I am still rooting for Casey James ( not just because of his good looks but because he can really sing. Simon was right when he attest that he just needs to use the stage better), Lacey Brown ( her rendition of Ruby Tuesday was not the best cover of the night but I am still a fan of her outstanding voice), Lee Dewyze ( his voice is unique and to borrow Simon's (who is also a believer) comment,he just needs to make his mark in the contest) and Michael Lynch ( his performances were strong so far) and Andrew Garcia ( even if he still didn't impress the judges yesterday). I don't know why but I am really not a fan of Crystal and Shiobhan although they're considered as the top performers for this week. I think Lily deserves to be there but I know that I need to get over the fact that she's out of the competition. :(

     So who goes home tonight? My guess is Tim Urban or Andrew Garcia :(. Well, if American Idol will live up to their surprising elimination like last week, a crowd favorite might be sent packing tonight. I am just hoping that my faves will be safe.


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