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Finding Oneself

     37 times. That is the number of times I touched this book when I browsed the shelves of Books Kinokuniya in Singapore. It was located in the Bestseller Section in front of the aisles and also in the regular shelves under Letter G.  I was interested the instant I skimmed its pages because I was undergoing a difficult time back then and its basically the premise of the book. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it then so imagine my delight when I chanced upon it on one of my routine trips in SM Manila's Booksale.

    This is Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir about her travels to three key destinations namely Italy, India and Indonesia. It came to a point in her life when she needs to escape from what her life has become. In the surface it seems great. She has a good husband, a perfect career, money and fame but she is not the least bit happy. She knew that there is something missing in her existence and she needs to escape to find that elusive thing called happiness. What transpired after that is an adventure that is as palatable as a nice cooked pasta, as transcending as a holy mantra and as breathtaking as a fantastic scenery. 

    I am recommending this book because Gilbert bravely identified herself as weak, bared her heart out for everyone to see and check their lives  and in the process, loved herself more than she imagined. She did all these discoveries with her faith as her guide. She did everything naturally and let herself go with God's plan. This is for everyone who are currently lost and helpless. For them to be aware that everything is fine and change will come from you and not from anything or anyone else.

    My rating: five stars over five. :)  This will also be made into a movie starring Julia Roberts and is set to be released this August. Looking forward to it as well.Love it :)




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Mar. 21st, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
Mare! I love this book too! This is my favorite, the one about soulmates. Nice naman kung gagawin syang movie :D
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