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First Week

          Being a bum for a few months made me thought and felt things I could have not entertained if I am employed. I became accustomed to the idea of waking up early in the morning,indulge in a cup of coffee and then do my web activities for the day ( updating my blog, Facebook and watching Koreanovelas online ). It was such a grand life indeed. You don't have any pending tasks that dominates most of your waking and also sleeping hours. You are excused from being haunted by the presence of your boss and other unreasonable higher ups who you can beat over performance if you exchanged JDs. You will not be going to work looking at other passengers on various public vehicles because of suspicious looking individuals. You can just stay at home and do what makes you happy. Broaden your knowledge by reading and buying so many books, write blog articles and surf your heart out everyday and watch your favorite drama series every episode after the next. You can also go out with friends even on weekdays, lounge at Starbucks and talk about things that really matters, without thinking of deadlines and or money issues.

This you can do until you're 70. If you're super rich.

       After almost three months of overthinking interview results, going through Medical Tests which confirmed my high blood pressure ( I need to undergo a blood test to ensure that my cholesterol level is normal. I am just happy that I am still fit to work), countless calls from my recruiter about pre employment requirements and emails requesting for my clearance sent to the Singapore company that I would not dare to mention the name because they are not fit to be acknowledged, Accenture finally confirmed March 22 as my start date.

        My first Monday working for the company was utter comedy in all proportions. It was on that fateful day that I experienced MRT madness. I had this thinking that if you will be going there before 7am then you can go to your destination squish free but I was totally wrong. I was literally squished in the train door from Quezon Avenue to Boni Station while hearing curses from all sorts of women who were in the same state as I am every station stopover. I went to the NJO session ( limbs aching and clothes wrinkled like today's laundry) as the only participant who wore jeans while everyone else seemed like higher ups with their corporate get ups. Again, I assumed that its okay to wear casual clothing if its just company orientation but apparently looking smart despite the outfit disaster is a viable option. I participated and even lead in so many discussions during those two days. I loved my batchmates too and we are planning to get together for a few drinks once we organized our schedules. I was even surprised when I made one guy smitten over me.Haha.

       I started Product Training with one of my batchmates in the NJO Sessions. The Gateway site is an okay workplace. It is not as fabulous as the Pioneer site but at least it is nearer to my place. You just need to be brave each time you ride a jeep going home at past 5am. Of course there are the never ending stares from current employees of the account that were given to newbies like myself. " Kaw ba yung bagong TM?", "Hello TL!", Hi I'm _____. I am one of the Team Leaders etc." Same utter bull. Our trainer is kind and knows what he is saying. There are so many tools to learn and I am still in daze because of info overload. I was also amused when higher ups and even fellow Team Leaders were giving this sort of things-are-really-hard-in-this-account-so-you-better-shape-up kind of attitude. There were also officers who acted high and mighty over us trainees.They won't even glance at your direction even if you are literally smiling at them. Talk about insecurity. Alam na alam mo ang likaw pagkakita mo pa lang. Well, a circus workplace will not be complete without these animals.  

       I know that it will be hard at first. I started again from scratch. I must proved myself capable of driving performance.Make my mark again. I will definitely do my best. I know my capabilities. Bring it on then.



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Mar. 30th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
kaya mo yan mare! Goodluck :)
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