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pilikmata_riza's Journal

Embracing What Life Has to Offer

Queen Bee's Page
20 October
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If I am to describe myself in one word,it would be this:misunderstood.I've long suffered the wrath of misconceptions regarding my attitude.I've been named as a snob,a gal they don't want to mess with,among other things.But really, I'm exactly the opposite! I am a people person. Maybe that is the compensation that life offered me since I am unsuccessful in the love department.I hate swallow people who can't seem to deal with their countless life issues.I love drinking booze but smoking is a big no no.I can't seem to comprehend the satisfaction people get from it but I respect their choice.I'm the unofficial secondhand smoker in my account.I will not push myself to anyone for any reason at all if they don't like me. I am a very loyal friend,I tend to fight for them till the end.I am not a fan of catfights but I can turn on my bitchy mode if anything or anyone provokes me to speak back.But I'm a diplomatic soul more often than not.I am an ocassional obsessive compulsive gal.I am one of the boys.Because of this,I am even called Benjie by my workmates.It does not bother me though.You can count on me to be in a certain place on a certain time on a short notice.I'm viewed as a girl with a strong personality.I'm never a fan of blind dates.But I can be mushy when the moment permits it.Consider me as your lifetime buddy once you've earned my trust.I've been in love with Dennis Trillo eversince his face touched the screen of my television.I am a cinephile.I cry easily because i know that it will make me stronger.I laugh a lot because I want to enjoy life's bliss,I am a sucker for romantic comedies and reading books.I believe that love exists eventhough I've never experienced it.I love it when I'm with my friends' company.It can be as simple as sharing a plate of instant pancit canton or exchanging secrets.I have this strange power of making people laugh eventhough I'm doing anything but joking.There's more to me that meets the naked eye and you better take my word for it.:P